La Hija del Zapatero (The Shoemakers Daughter) by Per-Olov Kindgren

Tags: La Hija del Zapatero  The Shoemakers Daughter  Per-Olov Kindgren  Colombia  Vals  Classical guitar  Canon XA30  original composition  Per Hallgren  Waltz 

La Hija del Zapatero (The Shoemakers Daughter)” is in a "Latin-style-waltz". I tried to make a waltz in the style of my native country, Colombia but I have to admit ...

Canon in D (Pachelbel) played by Per-Olov Kindgren

Tags: Canon  in  Pachelbel  Per-Olov  Kindgren  classical  guitar  Canon in D  Pachelbel's Canon (Composition) 

Sheet music and TAB's can be purchased and downloaded at https://shop.per-olovkindgren.com/?s=canon+in+d&post_type=product This arrangement is also ...

Hallelujah (Classical Guitar) performed by Per-Olov Kindgren

Tags: Per-Olov Kindgren  Classical guitar  music  Hallelujah (Composition)  Jeff Buckley  Leonard Cohen (Author)  Shreck (Film)  cover  Hallelujah (Musical Recording)  Guitar Cover 

My CD's, scores and tabs are available at: http://www.shop.per-olovkindgren.com (not this one yet though...) I made this arrangement (in Jeff Buckley's ...

J. S. Bach: Air (Classical guitar) - Per-Olov Kindgren

Tags: per-olov  kindgren  guitar  classical  bach  air  G-string  Classical Guitar (Musical Instrument)  Air On The G String (Composition)  Johann Sebastian Bach (Author)  Per-Olov Kindgren (Musical Artist) 

Tabs and sheet music are available at https://shop.per-olovkindgren.com/?product_tag=air-on-a-g-string I have released my 3rd CD called "AIR" where I play ...

Stairway to Heaven classical guitar - Per-Olov Kindgren

Tags: per-olov  kindgren  music  guitar  classical  led  zeppelin  stairway  to  heaven  Led Zeppelin (Project)  Cover  Robert Plant (Musical Artist)  Stairway To Heaven (Composition)  Guitar Cover  Classical Guitar (Musical Instrument) 

"Stairway to Heaven" is a song by the British rock group Led Zeppelin, composed by guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant. My own compositions and ...

Per-Olov Kindgren - I miss you (original)

Tags: Per-Olov  Kindgren  guitar  music  classical  composition  Per-Olov Kindgren (Musical Artist)  Original  Classical Music (Musical Genre)  Acoustic 

Tabs and sheet music are available at https://shop.per-olovkindgren.com/?product_tag=i-miss-you (Please support me and refuse to use illegal copies!!). This is ...

Francisco Tárrega: Endecha - Oremus (arr. Per-Olov Kindgren)

Tags: AndanteLargo  Per-Olov Kindgren  classical guitar  Jialan  Tárrega  Oremus  Endecha  Preludes  Canon XA30  Cinese luthier. 

These tiny "preludes" by Francesco Tárrega are not only beautiful but also rather easy to play. Endecha means "Lament". Oremus (Latin: "Let us pray") is the ...

I Love You

Tags: love  per-olov  kindgren  classical  guitar  original  composition  Marie 

TABS & Sheet music at https://shop.per-olovkindgren.com This is on my CD "DISTANT LOVE" I composed this piece before leaving for Miami Christmas 2009.

What a day! by Per-Olov Kindgren

Tags: Per-Olov Kindgren  Classical guitar  Per Hallgren  originalcomposition  What a Day  music 

This piece is available as TAB and sheet music at: http://shop.per-olovkindgren.com/ Hi there! I am back and ready to upload new compositions and ...

Stanley Myers "Cavatina" performed by Per-Olov Kindgren

Tags: Per-Olov Kindgren  guitar  music  classical  Cavatina  Stanley Myers  Deer Hunter  Cover  Cavatina for classical guitar 

Tabs and sheet music are available at https://www.shop.per-olovkindgren.com/ (not this one yet...) NEW CD! I am proud to announce the release of my second ...

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