Original Song by theFolksinger

Tags: Folk  Country  vocals  My Heart  My Past  love  theFolksinger  Bill Evenhouse 

I Never Thought I'd Hurt Her is a song from Bill Evenhouse's album "My Heart, My Past" which is available online as an album or individual tracks. Again ...

Desperado cover by theFolksinger

Tags: Desperado  Don Henley  theFolksinger  piano  voice  original arrangement  music  song  folk  pop  entertainment  Bill Evenhouse 

The Don Henley song, covered by theFolksinger at Malak Gabr Theater, The American University in Cairo, October 31, 2016.

TheFolksinger in Concert

Tags: concert  covers  originals  free  guitar  Chapman Stick  piano  improvisation  folk 

At AUC, April 30, 2014. Bill Evenhouse performing with his wife and several students, covers of old favorites and also original songs by Bill and also by students ...

All The Things You Are cover by theFolksinger

Tags: Jerome Kern cover  All The Things You Are  Happy Birthday  Marriage  Anniversary  music  original cover  The Chapman Railboard  The Chapman Stick  easy listening  romance  elderly love  popular music  theFolksinger  Bill Evenhouse 

An original arrangement and performance by theFolksinger (me) for my wife and best friend, Nelle, who turns 82 September 11, 2018. We're in our 60th year of ...

Don't Tease Me: Original Song by theFolksinger

Tags: Auntie Angela  children's  song  original  acoustic  singer  guitar  original song  folk  songwriter  artist  unsigned  musician  composition  vocalist  singing  Bill Evenhouse  theFolksinger  tease  squeeze  love  idea 

This song is premiered by theFolksinger and "Auntie" Angela, who provides loving daycare to, among others, theFolksinger's grandchildren Logan and Lola.

Blue Room: A cover by theFolksinger

Tags: Cover of original  Rodgers  Hart  Blue Room  music  original arrangement  vocal  The Chapman Stick  jazz  pop jazz 

A cover by theFolksinger of an old favorite by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

TheFolksinger Live at Bobby G's

Tags: Dupree Blues  folksong  Bobby G's  live performance  Bill Evenhouse  theFolksinger 

An iPhone capture of a live performance the year before Bobby G's closed its doors. 2015, if I remember correctly.

TheFolksinger's Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson in Open D

Tags: fingerstyle  guitar  free  lesson  open  chord  tuning  lovesong 

A song played in open D to illustrate the major chord in one "form". Thank goodness the song is still true.

TheFolksinger's Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson #1

Tags: free  lesson  fingerstyle  guitar  play  by  ear  three-note-chord 

Lesson # 1 in fingerstyle strumming from the "Play Piano and Guitar by Ear" course Bill teaches at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

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