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The Guitar Makers – A

Here is a list of guitar makers from around the world including all the major brands as well as individual luthiers. Visit their websites by clicking on the mini site images. If you think we've missed anyone out or you find any broken links please use the contact form to let us know.

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  Abita Springs Guitar Company
Manuel & Patterson, trading as Abita Springs Guitar Company, Abita Springs, LA, USA, are makers of high quality acoustic guitars that recall the finest vintage pre-war instruments of the 1920's & 1930's; specializing in custom 12 fret and 14 fret 0, 00, 000, OM, Jumbo & Dreadnought sizes.

  Abstract Guitar Company
State-of-the-art hand-crafted electric guitars designed and produced in Las Vegas, USA.

"If You Can Dream It, Abstract Can Build It!"

  A.C.E. Guitars™
A.C.E. Guitars based in Dover, NH, USA, are custom made instruments including Flat Tops, Steel and (Classical) nylon, f-hole semi-acoustics and solids. A.C.E. also produce their own range of guitar strings.

  Ace Musical Instruments
Ace Musical Instruments was founded in 2004.
Their head office is located in Korea and they have a factory in Shandong Province, China.

Ace produce a range of guitars including solids, acoustics and basses.

  Adams Resonator Guitars
Resonator and flat-top slide guitars made by James Adams, based in Louisiana, USA.

  Admira Guitars
Hailing from Northern Spain, Admira Guitars are the creation of Enrique Keller Fritsch. Founded in 1944, Keller's craftmanship and expertise have secured Admira a place at the very pinnacle of the Spanish Classical Guitar market.

  A F Guitars
AF Guitars aims to offer a range of instruments both modern and classic in style and performance. All aspects of design and build are handled by me - Anthony Frudd.

  AngelBenito Aguado
Angel Benito Aguado, based in Madrid, Spain, produces fine Classical and early Romantic guitars.
"I consider myself as a tradtional style guitar maker since I supervise personally all the building process, from the draft design, wood selection, or the very subtle ornamental detail."

  Alberico Guitar
Alberico Guitars are made by luthier Fabrizio Alberico in Gibsons, BC, Canada.
"I view the process of making instruments as a peculiar combination of art, science, and alchemy, and my yearly production is extremely limited. I tune each top to achieve a desired result, and all other components are selected and shaped to fit in with the original vision for the instrument."

  Albert & Müller
Albert & Müller are luthiers based in Germany who havem since 1984, produced a range of steel and nylon (Classical) string guitars plus flat-back and bowl Mandolins along with "Irish" Bouzoukis and Baroque Mandolins.

Originally a consulting firm that worked closely with the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby Stills Nash & Young and the like Alembic have been producing guitars, bass guitars and supporting electronics for around 40 years in and around the Santa Rosa area of California, USA.

  James Alexander Guitars
Luthier James Alexander custom makes fine classical and three models of steel-string acoustic guitars. He also offers a repair and setup service. James Alexander Guitars is based in Yorkshire, England.

  Alhambra Guitars
Manufacturas Alhambra is based in Alicante, Spain, and was founded in 1965. The current range of quality instruments produced includes Steel, Flamenco and Classical guitars along with Bandurrias and the larger Laud.

  Allen Guitar & Luthier Supplies
Allen Guitars produce a range of Resophonic and acoustic guitars, Mandolins - all crafted by Randy Allen. They also supply tone woods and other material and components for instrument makers. Allen Guitars is based in Colfax, CA, USA.

  Almansa Guitarras
Almansa Guitarras, based in Albacete, Spain, have been making Classical and Flamenco guitars, along with Bandurrias and Lutes since 1989 and are now sold all over the world.

  AlumiSonic Guitars
AlumiSonic Aluminum Guitars are aluminum and wood hybrid guitars designed to produce a simultaneous array of rich, low and crystal-clear high tones that no other electric guitars can naturally achieve. Based in West Islip, New York.

  Alvarez Guitars
Alvarez and their Yairi brand produce high-quality Steel guitars, Concert guitars, Banjos, and Mandolins. The guitar range includes 6 and 12-string models and Folk as well as Dreadnought designs. Many top "stars" play Alvarez instruments.

  Ambler Guitars
Ambler Custom Guitars was created by John Ambler and specialise in unique custom designs utilising the worlds finest woods, responsibly sourced. Every instrument is made to the finest standards using traditional method... Based in Derbyshire, England.

  Simon Ambridge Guitars
A connoisseur's guitar maker, Simon Ambridge crafts one of the most sublime, finest projecting, traditionally braced, musically refined classical guitars in the world today. Based in Devon, England.

  Alves de puga
Since 1999 all production has been devoted to Selmer/ Maccaferri style guitars with new models inspired by the genre. All instruments are entirely made by hand in the workshop in Puyoô, France. Repair, maintenance and setup of all types of guitar is also undertaken.

  American Showster
American Showster Guitars has been credited for creating some of the most uniquely designed and well crafted guitars in history. Now, under new ownership we still create those same great guitars today along with our upcoming guitar collection.

  Ampeg Electric Guitars and Basses
Although Ampeg is more famous for its amps it has actually been producing guitars and basses since the 60s and still offer the see-through plexiglass models first introduced at that time. Ampeg is based in Woodinville, WA, USA.

  Andersen Stringed Instruments
Since 1973 luthier Steven Andersen making a range of instruments including arch and flat top guitars and mandolins. He also creates one-offs like oval-hole models often using different finishes and materials in the designs. Andersen Stringed Instruments is based in Seattle, WA, USA.

  Robert Anderson – Luthier
Robert Anderson makes fine hand-built steel-string and archtop acoustic guitars, violins and bows. He is also author of instructional books and offers courses in guitar making. Robert Anderson is based in British Columbia, Canada.

  Tom Anderson Guitars
Tom Anderson Guitars, Newbury Park, CA, USA, produce a wide range of solid guitars, all of which the makers say are of unparalleled quality thanks to their design andproduction processes. Many well-known guitarists play Anderson guitars. Anderson also make 7-, 8- and 9-string as well as Flamenco and 6-string bass guitars.

  Andona Custom Electric Guitars
After learning his trade with luthier Rolf Spuler (Paradise Guitars) and working with the accalaimed bass manufacturer Warwick, Antony Bradjic, director of Andona Guitars, started making guitars in 1995, in Croatia where it is based today.

  Aram Guitars
Kevin Aram has been producing beautiful classical guitars for over 25 years most from his base in North Devon, England. His most notable customer has been Julian Bream although he has built or repaired guitars for many well-known players.

  Argent Guitars
David Argent is a highly skilled Australian Luthier and a perfectionist in his craft. Residing in Black Forest, South Australia, he produces his guitars in a climate-controlled environment, critical for the stability of the finished instrument.

  Aria Guitars
Based in Nagoya, Japan, Aria have been making instruments since 1956 and currently produce a range including Electrics and Acoustic guitars, Electric Basses, Mandolins and Banjos along with electronic equipment.

  Aristides Guitars
Aristides says one of the most attractive aspects of their construction - which uses the scientifically developed material “Arium” - is the ability to produce consistent, high performance instruments that are resilient, reliable, sound wonderful, and are aesthetically pleasing. They are based in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

  Alan Arnold Guitars
I build the very finest quality acoustic guitars (flat-tops, archtops and resonators) plus some 'state-of-the-art' electric guitars. I also repair, customise and set-up all types of guitars and other fretted string instruments. Norfolk, England.

  Arrenbie Guitars
Arrenbie Guitars was founded by Ralph Bonte who builds steel-string acoustic and classical guitars, archtops, mandolins, Weissenborn-style instruments, ukeleles, resonators, and electric solid-body and bass guitars. He also teaches guitar-making and is based in Brussels, Belgium.

  Art & Lutherie
Art & Lutherie, part of the Godin Guitar Company, produce hand-crafted guitars in Princeville, QU, Canada, mostly using local woods in the manufacturing process. Their range covers Dreadnoughts, Cutaways, Folk and Ami, or Parlour guitars, all built to a high quality.

  Artinger Custom Guitars
Since 1997 US-based Artinger have been producing a range of hollow, semi-hollow and solid bodied guitars and basses.

  Artrock Guitars
Artrock Guitars Indonesia was founded on 2009 as sole distributor of Artrock electric guitars and basses. We build and sell quality electric guitars and basses. Artrock Guitars is based in East Java, Indonesia.

Ash-Mandolins - handmade bespoke instruments by Sean Ash, professional Luthier based in London. I've been making instruments since 2008, starting with archtop mandolins. Although I am a specialist in mandolins I am no stranger to guitars and have made many acoustic guitars over the years as well as ukuleles.

  Asher Guitars
Asher Guitars & Lap Steels is a Los Angeles guitar company dedicated to handcrafting stellar quality instruments and providing superior guitar accessories appreciated by musicians of all types. Bill Asher, the founder and luthier behind Asher Guitars and Lap Steels, is considered a master guitar craftsman by legendary musicians.

  Aspe Guitars
Aspe Guitars originally started up in The Netherlands but is now is based in Extremadura, Spain, where it produces a range of electric and electric bass guitars. Aspe also repair and modify other guitars.

  Asturias Guitar Manufacturing Ltd
The Asturias workshop is located in Kurume City of Kyushu Island employing 15 highly skilled craftsman from all over the nation making Classical and Acoustic guitars,Mandolins and Ukuleles. Production has deliberately been limited since the company started in 1962. Asturias has a worldwide list of dealers and distributors.

  Atkin Guitars
Atkin Guitars was founded in Canterbury, England, in 1995. Since then, we've grown steadily from a one-man operation building a handful of instruments each year to become one of the UK's leading acoustic guitar makers. We now build around 80 guitars a year, each one handmade and completely individual.

  Auerswald Instruments
Great Artists sometimes don't even notice the technical details that make life easier for guitar and bass "technicians". But they are important. These details are the basis for more innovations and inventions on Auerswald Instruments... Location, Konstanz, Germany.

  Australian Classical Guitars
Australian Classical Guitars are the work of luthier Dan Kellaway, based in Singleton, NSW, Australia, who makes and restores both Classical and Flamenco guitars.

  Avalon Guitars
Avalon Guitars, based in Newtownards, Northern Ireland, has been around since the 80's. The company prides itself in traditionally producing the very highest quality acoustic guitars. Their range includes 6 and 12-string Steel and Classical models. They also produce some interesting Limited Edition guitars.

  AW Guitars
AW Guitars - handcrafted instruments by Andrew Wright since 1996. AW Guitars is currently in the planning stages of a new workshop and is not  taking new orders at this time. Location, Oregon, USA.

  Ayers Guitars
Ayers Guitars are hand made in Vietnam. The range of instruments produced includes Steel string FlatTops and Archtops, along with Classical guitars and Ukuleles.

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